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Representative Hoyle tours Benton County to assess allocation of federal funds

Val Hoyle visits Benton County to assess allocation of federal funds.

On Apr. 4, Oregon’s 4th Congressional District Representative, Val Hoyle, visited the Benton County Commissioners and Sheriff, to celebrate federal funding totaling almost $2 million for two important projects that are a part of the $14.6 million Hoyle helped secure for her district.

Hoyle first toured the Monroe Health Center, an important healthcare resource in rural Benton County. With federal funding secured through Hoyle’s efforts, the out-of-date rural health center will receive an upgrade to deliver essential services in a more modern and efficient setting. Lacey Mollel, the Center’s Director, expressed gratitude for the support and funding, recognizing its potential to enhance patient care.

Hoyle’s advocacy shows a commitment to empowering local voices and ensuring that federal resources address the unique needs of each community. During the visit, Hoyle emphasized the importance of tailoring federal support to align with local priorities.

Federal funds will also strengthen public safety in Benton County. 

Sheriff Jef Van Arsdall detailed plans for enhanced communication infrastructure, crucial for navigating emergencies and ensuring community well-being emphasizing the pivotal role of federal support in bolstering emergency response capabilities.

Hoyle said she sees these projects as more than just infrastructure upgrades. They symbolize the power of local engagement and collective action. By aligning federal investment with community priorities, Hoyle and local leaders are paving the way for meaningful change and empowerment at the grassroots level.

View photos of the event.

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