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Advisory Boards, Commissions, and Committee vacancies

Descriptions of Advisory Boards/Commissions/Committees

Board, Commission, or CommitteeOpeningBoard, Commission, or CommitteeOpening
Budget Committee*NoHistoric Resources Commission*No
Charter Review CommitteeNoHome, Opportunity, Planning
& Equity Board
Citizen Advisory CommitteeNoLaw Enforcement Review CommitteeNo
Community Health Centersfill out
Mental Health, Addictions & Developmental Disabilities Advisory CommitteeYes
Corvallis-Benton County Library BoardNoNatural Areas & Parks BoardNo
Courthouse Preservation CommitteeYesPlanning CommissionNo
Disposal Site Advisory Committee*YesProperty Value Appeals Board*Yes
Enterprise ZoneNoPublic Health Planning Advisory CommitteeNot at
this time
Environment & Natural Resources Advisory CommitteeYesStatewide Transportation Improvement
Fund Advisory Committee*
Fair Board*YesWillamette Criminal Justice Council*No
Food Service Advisory Committee*Yes
* State mandated board, commission, or committee.
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