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Learn more about Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Materials in and around Benton County

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Two related efforts regarding solid waste management and sustainable materials are underway in Benton County and the region. One is an expected Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application from Republic Services to expand Coffin Butte. Related to the anticipated request is general solid waste management at the Coffin Butte landfill.

Benton County has developed a frequently asked questions document to address common questions about solid waste management in the region. Residents can learn more about solid waste management and the CUP process by visiting the following resources:

The second major initiative is Benton County’s broader effort to develop a regional Sustainable Materials Management Plan (SMMP). The aim of the SMMP is to identify opportunities and minimize negative impacts across the lifecycle of materials. The SMMP development process will involve problem identification, information gathering, solution making, and securing consensus from neighboring communities and the State. Benton County is collaborating with consultants and partners to create a regional, action-oriented plan that promotes long-term sustainability.

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