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Benton County conducts Pre-Application Meeting with Republic Services for Coffin Butte Landfill Conditional Use Permit

Benton County conducts Pre-Application Meeting with Republic Services for Coffin Butte Landfill Conditional Use Permit

Today, June 27, 2024, Benton County is conducting a Pre-Application Meeting with Republic Services in anticipation of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) application for the Coffin Butte Landfill. This preliminary meeting allows applicants to receive feedback from various county and state partners on complex projects before submitting a final application.

A Conditional Use Permit is a zoning exception that allows property to be used in a way not typically permitted within the designated zone. This permit ensures that proposed developments align with the community’s zoning regulations and land use plan.

The Pre-Application Meeting is a mandatory step for applicants like Republic Services to gather detailed feedback and guidance from County staff and state partners. This process helps prepare a more complete application. It is important to note that these meetings are not public or official application submissions but serve to refine project proposals before formal submission.

If Republic Services, Inc. (operating as Valley Landfills, Inc.) proceeds with its application for landfill expansion, it will undergo a comprehensive review process. This includes evaluating environmental impact, traffic implications, and community feedback.

The Benton County Planning Commission makes decisions on conditional use applications, which can then be appealed to the Board of Commissioners. This process ensures transparency and public participation.

  • For more information about the CUP process visit: CUP Flow Chart.
  • For more information about Solid Waste Management in Benton County visit: Solid Waste FAQ.

Public comments on the CUP are recorded in the public record, but the County does not take a position during this process led by the planning commission. The public hearing process facilitates transparency and dialogue in a public forum.

Republic Services, Inc. owns and operates Coffin Butte Landfill, which is expected to reach its permitted capacity between 2037 and 2039. The landfill is one of seven regional landfills in Oregon and two near the Oregon state line in Washington.

Republic Services will host informational events to answer questions and collect public feedback during this pre-application phase. For the schedule of public meetings and to register for the virtual meeting, use the following link:

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