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Benton County and Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas secures Hubert K McBee Campground near Alsea Falls, Oregon through generous donation from Hull-Oakes Lumber

A sign welcomes visitors to the Hubert K McBee Campground near Alsea Falls, Oregon.

Benton County and the Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas (AFRANA) are thrilled to announce the generous donation of the Hubert K McBee Campground near Alsea Falls, Oregon by Hull-Oakes Lumber, based in Monroe, Oregon.

Hull-Oakes Lumber has demonstrated their commitment to the well-being and enjoyment of local residents and a shared vision for the preservation of community spaces by donating the campground to AFRANA with plans to transfer ownership to Benton County. 

“We are ecstatic and humbled by this generous gift from the Nystrom family and Hull-Oakes Lumber. Yet again the timber community is stepping up and generously sharing an incredible public recreation space that families will enjoy for decades – we can’t thank them enough for this incredible donation,” said Natural Areas Parks and Events Director Tomi Douglas.

The Campground has long been a popular destination for families and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a haven for recreational activities and a serene escape into nature. The area boasts scenic views, hiking trails and waterfalls that make it an ideal destination for outdoor activities and family-friendly adventures. Margaret Hull, who was a part of the Benton County Parks advisory board from 1957-1970, proposed the Alsea/Green Peak Falls area for the first Benton County Park. This makes her dream of a Benton County park in the area a reality.

“Hull Oakes has a legacy of supporting the community. We are excited and grateful to be a partner in the future of the Hubert K McBee Campground.” said Ellen Tappon, spokesperson for AFRANA. “As a Backcountry Byway and with the growing popularity of mountain biking, there is a huge need for increased camping and recreation amenities in the Alsea corridor. Hull-Oakes Lumber’s generosity ensures that this special place will continue to be a hub for recreation, family gatherings, and nature appreciation for generations to come.”

Benton County Natural Areas, Parks, and Events will embark on essential repairs and improvements to enhance the Hubert K McBee Campground experience. To facilitate these upgrades, the campground will temporarily close for overnight camping throughout the year 2024 for the following planned repairs and improvements:

  • Infrastructure Upgrade: Repairing roads and trails, enhancing campsite amenities, and installing new toilet facilities, and on-site water well.
  • Habitat Restoration: Removing invasive species, restoring native plants and trees, and initiating a salmon habitat restoration project to support the Alsea River ecosystem.
  • Park and Campground Layout Enhancement: Adding more tent spaces while preserving the rustic and private atmosphere that campers love.

The campground will remain open for day use, offering opportunities for picnicking, hiking, biking, fishing, and various recreational activities.

About Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas (AFRANA):

The Alliance for Recreation and Natural Areas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate community-supported projects to enhance recreation and connect people to their natural and cultural heritage, in Benton County Oregon and the surrounding areas.

A stone memorial announces the Hubert K McBee Memorial Park to visitors.
A riverbed flows through a coniferous forest near Alsea Falls, Oregon.

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