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Safety & Justice Projects

Development of new Safety and Justice buildings, located one mile north of downtown Corvallis, are underway. Funded through County borrowing and state matching grants, the projects aim to centralize justice services, including a new Courthouse, District Attorney’s Office, and Emergency Operations Center to enhance collaboration and efficiency.

A draft concept of the new District Attorney's Office and courthouse.


  • Benton County is developing a new Safety and Justice facilities, located on Carson Drive off U.S. 20 one mile north of downtown Corvallis.
  • The site will house a new Courthouse and District Attorney’s Office, with construction set to commence in spring 2024.
  • The funding for the Courthouse will involve a 50% matching grant, with the remaining costs covered through County borrowing.
  • Planning for justice improvements have been ongoing for the past five years, informed by comprehensive assessments and extensive stakeholder input.
  • The selection of the site followed a thorough review of over 40 potential locations, with input from advisory committees and community presentations.
  • Acquiring the site was necessary to facilitate the planning of co-located County facilities.
  • The property spans 29.53 acres, conveniently located near downtown Corvallis and essential amenities.

Key features and benefits:

  • The new location will serve as a modern, centralized hub for efficient collaboration among justice entities.
  • It will house state-of-the-art facilities, including courtrooms and essential components, addressing the need for modernization due to current outdated facilities.
  • Construction is already underway, ensuring timely progress towards a modern, secure, and accessible facility.
  • The state’s contribution covers $37.0 million (half) of the courthouse’s cost, with no new taxes required.
  • The County’s portion ($48.5 million) includes the District Attorney’s Office, with the majority of funds sourced from borrowing, backed by the County’s solid credit rating, recently upgraded to an Aa1 by Moody’s Investors Service.
  • Additional funding will be sourced from federal sources and the County budget, ensuring comprehensive support for the project’s success. 
A concept showing a full suite of justice building that include the new District Attorney's Office, courthouse, and Emergency Operations Center; and proposed correctional facility.

Building for the future

After Bond Measure 2-140 faced defeat on May 16, 2023, Benton County Commissioners launched a thorough review process to gather insights from the community. The aim was to understand voter sentiment, rebuild public trust, and enhance support for future, safety, and justice initiatives.

This process, conducted from July to September 2023, involved qualitative surveys, focus groups, and individual feedback sessions. The findings were compiled into a summary report presented to the Board of Commissioners in fall 2023, guiding following deliberations and decisions regarding Safety and Justice projects. 

Moving forward together

In response to community feedback and insights gained from the review process, Benton County is committed to the following principles as it moves forward:

  • Taking community feedback seriously and integrating it into plans and communication strategies.
  • Prioritizing transparency, community involvement, and clear communication at every stage.
  • Engaging genuinely with the community to address the need for a new jail and other related initiatives.
  • Recognizing the vital role of local media and community partners in sharing information and fostering understanding.
  • Committing to ongoing transparency and demonstrating progress to build and maintain trust.
  • Continuously addressing issues within the current jail system and proposing viable solutions.
  • Utilizing insights from the review process to inform informed decision-making.
  • Valuing feedback to enhance public participation and ownership of initiatives.
  • Ensuring transparency and clarity in all project initiatives.
  • Balancing attention between ongoing projects and integrating findings from the review process.

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