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Who we are

The Board of Commissioners is made up of three elected officials that oversee all Benton County operations. Unlike the separation of powers at the state and federal levels, commissioners act as executives, legislators, and as an official panel.

The Board of Commissioners Office is located on the first floor of the Kalapuya Building at 4500 SW Research Way in Corvallis, Oregon.

Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

What We Do

The Board of Commissioners work for the community in many ways. As legislators, commissioners pass regulations that enforce countywide laws. As executives, they direct the County Administrator who evaluates appointed department heads and County Counsel who provides legal advice to the Board and County officials on civil matters. And, as officials they make decisions in land use issues.

But that’s not all. The Board of Commissioners, as the County’s governing body, divide up resources and adopt the County budget, negotiate contracts, bargain with labor organizations, and pass policies to deliver services. They also advocate for Benton County interests at the Oregon State Legislature and address concerns of County residents.

Commissioners work within the Oregon Revised Statutes framework to provide local residents with services, which means they must be skilled at working with state and federal officials.

In addition to their responsibilities on the Board, each commissioner serves on a number of different committees, advisory boards, and commissions to serve and represent our community.

Our Team

Commissioner Xan Augerot smiles for the camera.
Commissioner Pat Malone smiles for the camera.

Xan Augerot, chair

Nancy Wyse, vice-chair

Pat Malone, commissioner

Contact us:

Feel free to call us at 541-766-6800 or email us:

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